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Book Tour: Into the Blind by Helen Rena - Review (@helenrena123)

Into the Blind by Helen Rena
Publication Date: June 2014
Source: Received copy for honest review

My Rating:

In a world where everyone is gifted, be it in dancing, lightning-bringing, or death-giving, Ever is born…all-powerful.
For this gift, she is kidnapped and trafficked at birth. Fifteen years later, Ever still hasn’t seen even a glimmer of her powerful gift. Locked in an abandoned mall in New York City, she’s fighting to survive her captivity, her brutal guards, and the other gifted kids in her cell. She would do anything to escape.
Fox is gifted with time manipulation. Like Ever, he hasn’t come into his gift yet; like Ever, he hates the mall; and like Ever, he longs to be free. But there’s one thing he values above his freedom—it’s Ever’s love…
…yet, when the two make a desperate attempt to escape, this attempt proves so dark and twisted that it just might destroy Ever’s love for Fox

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the promise of gifted people. It reminded me of all the things I love about X-Men. I was even more intrigued by the trafficking aspect as well. Not often do you see that combination.

From the beginning you get a sense that the world of the book operates by its own rules. The dark and dangerous is thrust upon you from the first page where we see a trafficking deal go down.

Then once we meet Ever, you get a sense of how dire the situation is with these kids and their entrapment. That desperation never leaves the book entirely which helps build the suspense.

However, even knowing the title of the book, I didn't make the connection that Ever was blind until it was said. Even being blind, she could see through the eyes of others. There were times I found myself forcing to remember that she was blind.

With the different abilities the trapped kids had, I felt that they fit their personalities well. Especially Ever being heart, the most powerful abilities there is. Maybe their personalities were shaped by the abilities they were born with.

There were times when I felt very confused by the flow of events or even the choices the characters were making. However, overall it was an unique and solid read.

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Praise for Into the Blind:

“A thrilling story…a must-read for the adventurous of heart!” —Gina Henning, author of Going Pecans

“…genuinely original and engaging…” —Jeanne Dallman, author of The Hour of Separation

“…unique voice…unique world…unique premise…” —Jon VanZile, editor of Dragon Tree Press

About the Author
Helen Rena loves reading and writing novels. And short stories. And flash fiction. She has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, and a vast collection of books and green bottles. She is still not sure why green bottles. She lives in Southern Oregon with her husband and two children. Please visit her at


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