Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thirsty Thursdays #3: Book cover that makes your pulse jump

"Thirsty Thursdays" is an original weekly feature where we highlight all that makes our mouth water in the world of books. Join us each week where we will pick either aquote, book cover, book boyfriend or kiss from our favorite books, that makes us all swoony. Please link back to us each week, we'd love for you to share what wets your whistle, as well!

Book: Voyeur by Lacey Alexander

Swoon Quality: I haven't read this title. In fact, I've just found it while searching for a cover that licked my interest. Something about this felt extremely sensual to me. Perhaps the way he's blurred, leaving her - who I assume is the voyeur - in the spot light? Maybe the highlighted lean lines of her legs? Either way, this cover gets my pulse racing and makes me wonder what lies within the pages of this binding.

Book: First Chance by A.L. Wood

Swoon Quality: I haven't read this either but something about it jumped out at me. I love arms and backs. And tattoos. Maybe it was a combination of all three. Or it could be that and the embrace because lets be honest, who doesn't want a man holding them like that? Yummy.

What cover gets your blood pumping?

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  1. Great picks you guys! It's the first time I'm seeing any of these covers and they do make your pulse jump a little (or a lot LOL) :) The guy on the cover of First Chance has been a book cover guy for many of the books I've seen around, like in maybe 3 or more other books :)

  2. He does look like a guy I've seen on a few covers. Easy by Tammara Webber being one of them. He looks a little like Mitchel Musso to me. Very cute.

    Thanks for stopping by, Camille!