Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Well Hello!

So when you say to your best friend “I think we should make a book club.”, taking into account that you both live states away, and lead very busy lives, you don’t expect, “Let’s do it.", as a response, however, thus was the birth of the Lazy Book Lovers Book Club!

This isn’t a book review blog. This is a book discussion blog. We will pick two books to highlight each month, and anyone is welcome to read along with us. After we finish we will post some of our thoughts, feels, and arguments about the book. Not all of the books we read will be new, but we will try to read what we find available. The books we read will range from young adult to erotica.

No pressure is what we are going for.

Grab a book, or two, or twenty, get lazy and read with us! ~ Nikki & Keira