Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday! Seven Authors I Can't Believe I've Met

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish

1) J.K. Rowling on October 16, 2012 for the release of The Casual Vacancy. What a great birthday!

There was quite a saga with the tickets. I found out on twitter they went on sale 12 hours ahead of time on the website. I bought them of course! Couldn't risk getting sold out. Then Jazz at Lincoln Center realized the glitch and closed the sales.
Next day when they went on sale as scheduled online, by phone, and at the box office (where people camped overnight), they oversold.
To accommodate everyone who bought tickets they moved the event to a larger venue. So, Jazz at Lincoln Center had to refund everyone, and then Koch Theatre at Lincoln Center contacted everyone personally by phone to re-purchase the tickets. It was a big mess. The tickets were the same price and generally the same seats. And everyone would get an autographed copy of the book after the panel.

They were so strict! Could only snap a photo after we cleared the table. It was so quick, literally 10 seconds to say a quick hello and move on. But I have a book with her signature, that I saw her sign, and got to look into her eyes for 5 seconds.

2) Pierce Brown's Morning Star discussion and signing at Barnes and Noble, February 17, 2016.

Pierce has an easy going and charming personality.He's so friendly and has a good sense of humor. He loves to talk to his fans. He makes eye contact with you (his eyes are gorgeous) and really gets into whatever you're discussing.

I have also met him twice before at New York Comic Con 2014 and he remembered me.

3) Stephenie Meyer - The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Hall H campout at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Preview Night- July 11

Stephenie was the last to arrive of the cast. And she is very gracious to her fans. She takes her time with them and actually listens. I said it was nice to see her again. And after we took the first photo she asked where I had met her before and I answered the Breaking Dawn Concert in NYC. She was like, "Wow, that was a while ago." And when my first photo didn't come out good because I blinked, she politely paused talking to my friend and retook the photo.

4) Sarah Gruen at a Water for Elephants cocktail event back in April 2011. It was during the promotion of the movie.

Sarah was running late and my friends and I were at the end of the line so we were told no more photos because she had to leave. But Sarah did take the time to take photos with us. She does this cute, funny thing where you turn away from the camera, wait for the count of three and then turn with a smile.

I asked her to personalize my book and she did. She also signed this HUGE Water For Elephants movie poster.

5) Amy Poehler at Barnes and Nobel, Union Square during her book signing of Yes, Please

They were rushing us to move along but I did get to tell her I loved her panel with Martin Short at Book Con 2014 and that I loved her Jon Hamm story. (I can't ever retell it the way Amy did and can never make you laugh like she could. Go search for the video on youtube for that. Basically, Amy's OBGYN, who also had delivered Sofia Loren's children, had died two days before she was about to deliver her first child. She was on the set of SNL when she found out and started crying. Jon Hamm, who was hosting SNL that week, told Amy, 'This is my first time hosting. This is a big deal for me. Don't screw it up.' She quickly went from crying to laughing.)

6) Deborah Harkness at Book Con 2014.
The most important thing I cherish about this encounter was when my sister told Deborah she was reading these books about London, and whenever Christopher Marlowe was mentioned she has to scoff. Deborah said the most of the time the smartest people are not the nicest.

We did get a photo with her and she signed the "Diana Bishop's Commonplace Book" they handed out.

7) Carrie Fisher at New York Comic Con in 2012.

I decided to get 2 autographs from Carrie. One for the photo of us. The second autograph was for my copy of Wishful Drinking.
I also brought the "Wishful Drinking" Playbill with me, not to get signed, but to show her that on one side was Princess Leia and on the other was Anakin Skywalker. Well, really it was an advertisement with Hayden Christensen for Lacoste. I was proudly being dorky, I know.

She thought that was amusing and then asked what Hayden was up too because she had not seen him in a while. I said I didn't know. His imdb page mentions movies in "pre-production" but I wish they'd go into production because I miss him. Then I brought the topic back to Carrie and asked what she was working on next. She said she's working on a show called "Any Questions?"
I said I would look for info about it and come see it. Then she wrote a long note in my book! CARRIE FISHER WROTE ME A NOTE!
For Stephanie, 
Come see my new show, okay? 
Love, Carrie Fisher
Any Questions?

One Author I'm Dying To Meet: Ruta Sepetys. She is my favorite author when it comes to historical fiction. When her next book comes out I will search for any events so I can see her discuss her research and writing process. As well as get my books signed. She'll see all my little bookmarks with notes.

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