Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Blogger New Year's Challenge - Day Four: Must HAVE Books of 2016!

This is a challenge put forth by Parajunkee. The Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge will begin on January 1st and run 14 days. It is going to be fun, it is going to be easy and hopefully, it will get you motivated in 2016. Each day she will post her own prompts and at the bottom she will add a link so you can add your posts. You can join whenever, you can do it and not even add your link. No rules here people, it’s just about having fun and starting a routine of blogging daily in 2016.

Here are the topics!

It's always hard narrowing down books you want. But I'm only picking four for now. (All covers are linkable.)

 What are your must haves? I had so many more but I want to hear from you!

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