Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Blogger New Year's Challenge - Day One - Three!

Happy New Year!! With the New Year and new week upon us, I found this blogger challenge by Prarjunkee on Fluttering Hearts' blog while I was blog surfing. It looks like a cute thing and it will get me into blogging more often for 2016. 

Since I found it late, I'm going to combine the first three days in one post. Here is a list of the categories for the next 14 days.

DAY 1: Blogger Resolutions
  • Post more - There are only a couple memes that I keep up with and a few reviews. I want to do more so the blog doesn't become dead.
  • Make more friends - It feels every isolating when blogging. I don't have many people that are blogger friends and I want to make more. That's why I'm going to be more active on my book twitter and blog instagram.
  • Write more reviews even if the book isn't a favorite -  This year I really fell into a rut and a bad one. When I was reading, I read only one type of book and didn't really review for them. I'm going to read more things out of my comfort zone and review them.
  • Write better reviews - My language feels stagnate when I'm writing reviews, so I'm going to try and express myself better when talking about a book.
  • Find more content - This goes hand in hand with the first. I want to find more non-review/non-meme things to post. I'm thinking of doing monthly wrap ups this year. 
DAY 2: Great things in blogging 2015

Not many things happened this year in blogging since we had a lot of off time from it. 
  • My review for Truth of Beard got pimped out by the author.
  • I did a bunch of blog tours I feel in love with. Especially The Anatomical Shape of a Heart by Jenn Bennett.
  • I redid the side banners. lol 
DAY 3: Negative Blogging Things to Avoid in 2016 
  • Laziness - I know lazy is in the blog name, but a negative thing for us in particular is being lazy when it comes to keeping up. 
  • Burning out - Worst thing ever. We crashed and burned heaviliy in 2015. And we weren't the only ones I know of. A bunch of my friends burned out as well. For 2016, this has be the thing we have to avoid the most.
  • Envy and jealousy - It's very easy to become jealous of someone else's book haul or the amount of ARCs they've gotten. It's also a tricky trap to fall into because then you lose focus on your own self and worth. 2016, I'm not going to become the green monster. I'm going to support other blogs I see and just work on what works for us.
  • Number games - Every time I say that I'm not going to worry about how many page views or followers I get, I worry. I doubt this will go away easily because I want to be more present in the blogging world, but I'll try not to let it make me sad.
Look out for Day 4 later on today!

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