Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday! Book Cover Trends We Like/Dislike!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. They say don't judge a book by its cover. Today, we are doing just that. Time to talk what we like and/or dislike on our book covers!

  • Whipping, floating, wind-blown, hair in YA fiction. Panic by Lauren Oliver is the perfect example of this. These long locked darlings scream LOST. I don't think I've met a protagonist from a book with a cover such as this that didn't have to be brave.
  • Naked, faceless bodies, that are often intertwined with another or at the very least, sensually touching itself, in adult fiction/paranormal adult fiction, i.e, Any of the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton, starting after #3. Lunatic Cafe is the one that came to mind at first thought. There covers are pretty cheesy, but hey, different strokes for different folks.
  • The happy couple in YA romance. I don't necessarily like or dislike it. It usually alludes to a happy ending, and let's be honest, if you're reading romance, you're most likely expecting that HEA. Books like Dare You To by Katie McGarry and What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick exhibit this trend and don't disappoint.
  • Cartoon illustration in contemporary fiction, like the amazing cover of Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Possibly my favorite trend. Enough said?
  • Translucent block font in YA fiction, such as displayed on the cover of Hate List by Jennifer Brown or Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Sullivan. This can sometimes distort a beautiful image, and other times it can make the cover.

  • Illustrated covers are all the rage and I love them. Something about the youthfulness or the playfulness of them draw me in. Just like with Guy in Real Life by Steve Brenezoff is a great new example of it.
  • Silhouettes. The concept is great and sometimes they work brillantly. But now it is starting to feel over used. I like them but when I see them in every cover like on This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith, I have to groan.
  • People of color. This is my favorite trend that isn't used enough. There are characters of all colors in most books today. No need to whitewash the cover. To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han was my favorite example this year alone. I hope to see this one continue.
  • Red heads. I don't know if I dislike or like this trend. On one hand I like red heads and on the other I feel like everywhere I look there is another red head on the cover of a book. I feel like when it looks good, like on Deliverance by C.J. Redwine, it works.
  • Font driven covers. This is another one of my favorites. I am obsessed with fonts, so when I see a cover that has a real different one or using it in a unique way, I get excited. There are so many now it is hard to pick one but Tease by Amanda Maciel was really pretty this year.

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  1. I agree with the whitewashing the covers. It's nice to get diversity in our lives! Great list ladies! :)

  2. I really like the Eleanor and Park style covers, and covers that truly represent the story well and give you an idea to what is inside! I like it when I can see where the cover fits into the story. Also, amazing typography is excellent!

  3. Burn for Burn has one of my favorite covers ever! I also really love
    font driven covers- Tease's cover is amazing. And the windblown hair is
    really cool, as well. One trend I like is bold mono-color symbols, like
    the new-ish Hunger Games covers. Really nice.

  4. Mine too! Those covers are beautiful. Really, I like all of Jenny Han's covers. The wind-blown thing is nice. I especially love it when the protagonist is brunette or red haired.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Illustration really does it for me. They're fun and eye catching. Completely agree!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Thanks! I have to agree, as well. That was a great pick, Nikki!