Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday! All About Romance Tropes/Types

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish

Because I can't pick just one trope...

Favorite Star-crossed Lovers. I'm a glutton for couples doomed from the start:

1) Anakin&Padmé (Star Wars)
Although I knew they were doomed, they became my OTP.
Since it ends so badly I go to fanfic to see a happy outcome.

2) Christian&Satine (Moulin Rouge!)
She was dying. We know it from the beginning of the movie. But this tragic love story is told so beautifully through music.

Favorite Slow-burn Romances:

3) Elizabeth&Darcy.
Pride and Prejudice is a flawless masterpiece. It shows that people can learn and grow, and find happily ever after.

4) Darrow&Mustang (Red Rising trilogy)
Considering he was lying about his identity and still mourning his dead wife, this one would take a while. But the yearning keeps you wanting them to just kiss already!

5) Han&Leia (Star Wars)
The attraction was instant, but it took a few years and 2 films for their relationship to be official. I wish they got a happily ever after. Makes me miss the old Expanded Universe.

6) Luke&Mara (Star Wars Legends)
It took several years and many expanded universe novels and comic books for these two to finally admit their feelings.

7) Monica&Chandler (Friends)
I shipped them since first season, when they were all waiting for Ben to be born and Monica saw twins. She was upset that she didn't have a baby. Chandler said they should have one if she's not married by 40. How perfect that the series ends with them adopting twins!

Favorite Instalove Romances:

8) Diana&Matthew (All Souls Trilogy)
It is such a trope that stories with vampires involve falling in love at first sight and then the vampire acts like jerk for a while until they make it official Often the vampire still acts like a jerk even when they are officially a couple. Still, makes for a captivating read.

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