Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday! Books With School Setting

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish

High school is a drag no matter who you are. So I always wanted to go away to a sleep-away camp or a boarding school. Basically when I was younger, I just wanted to get away. But that's why we have books. 

  1. Anna and the French Kiss (Boarding School)
    This may be one of the best because it's in Paris. Who doesn't want to go to school in Paris?
  2. Vampire Academy (Supernatural Boarding School)
    What I loved about this one is that everything happens at night because of the vampires. Like a slumber party every day!
  3. Twilight (High School)
    There was nothing special about this school besides the fact that sparkly vampires went there. But the scenery was gorgeous.
  4. Harry Potter (Magical Boarding School)
    This is the boarding schools to end all boarding schools. Still waiting for my letter to arrive by owl. Maybe they have a continuing ed program.
  5. Looking for Alaska (Boarding School)
    This felt more like a realistic take on boarding schools. And since John went to one, I believe everything.
  6. The It Girl (Boarding School)
    This was hilarious at how over the top it was. Now all I think about is the cliques and mean girl shenanigans that happen at boarding schools.
  7. The Catcher in the Rye (Boarding School)
    School wasn't the best for Holden, but who could blame him really?
  8. Never Let Me Go (Kind of a Boarding School)
    I know this wasn't really a school but to the kids it was all they knew of it. Kinda like a school meets an orphanage meets a holding facility for clones.
  9. Rites of Passage (Military School)
    Again, not really a school but more like a school of hard knocks. I loved this and it made me want to go to military school. Good thing I'm too old because I know I wouldn't have survived.
  10. Gossip Girl (Rich High School)
    High School for the rich and somewhat famous. Before snapchat and instagram, this is what high school was all about for the preppy's. Or I like to think so. xoxo 

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