Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday! Bookworm Delights!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish

Sorry for our absence. Things have been hectic for a while, but we're slowly coming back into the swing of things. Starting with this week's TTT. We're all bookworms here, so here are some delights.

1. Finding a pristine copy at the book store: I usually look towards the back of the shelf for a copy that is either flawless or has the least amount of damage.
I made cloth book covers of different sizes that I use to cover the book when I am reading.

2. Getting a personal message written to you: Of course I love book events where I get to meet the authors and have my book personally signed. The best moment was at New York Comic Con 2012 when I went to Carrie Fisher's signing and I brought my copy of her book Wishful Drinking. I also spoke about how I loved when I saw her one woman Broadway show based off the book. I asked what she was working on next. She said she's working on a show called "Any Questions?"I said I would look for info about it and come see it. Then she wrote a long note in my book! CARRIE FISHER WROTE ME A NOTE!
For Stephanie,
Come see my new show, okay?
Love, Carrie Fisher
Any Questions?

3. Seeing someone on your commute read a book you love: I always have the urge to ask them where they are in the story and how they are liking it. I never do but I just watch them and try to read their reactions.

4. Seeing children get excited about reading: Teaching the next generation good habits, such as reading is so important. It warms my heart when I see kids anticipating the release of a book (e.g. Harry Potter) and spending time at the book store or library engrossed in a story.

5. When you get a lot of positive feedback from your review: It feels good to know you're not alone in the world. That someone out there shares your thoughts, or politely disagrees, or takes your recommendation on a book you read.

6. Going to book signings: This may be my absolute favorite thing to do. From meeting my favorite authors to other book fangirls, it's the best. I already have signings planned for next October to attend!

7. When an author answers me on twitter or facebook: I fangirl so hard when this happens. It feels good to know the author really takes the time to read what little old me has to say.

8. When I reorganize my bookshelf: I love to just take all my books off, look at them, touch them, and then put them back. I'm weird but it's fun. I used to do it with my DVDs too.

9. Waking up to find a pre-order on my kindle: Most of the time, I forget when I pre-order books, so when I see them on my kindle, it's like book-Christmas.

10. Fangirling with my friends over a book: I love talking about my favorite characters, scenes or anything with my book friends. We could go on and on about our book boyfriends or the women who don't deserve them.

Where are your delights?!

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