Monday, October 6, 2014

Book Review: Rule by Jay Crownover (@jaycrownover)

Rule (Marked Men #1) by Jay Crownover
Publication Date: October 22, 2013
Published: William Morrow

My Rating:

Opposites in every way . . . except the one that matters

Shaw Landon loved Rule Archer from the moment she laid eyes on him. Rule is everything a straight-A pre-med student like Shaw shouldn’t want—and the only person she’s never tried to please. She isn’t afraid of his scary piercings and tattoos or his wild attitude. Though she knows that Rule is wrong for her, her heart just won’t listen.
To a rebel like Rule Archer, Shaw Landon is a stuck-up, perfect princess—and his dead twin brother’s girl. She lives by other people’s rules; he makes his own. He doesn’t have time for a good girl like Shaw—even if she’s the only one who can see the person he truly is.
But a short skirt, too many birthday cocktails, and spilled secrets lead to a night neither can forget. Now, Shaw and Rule have to figure out how a girl like her and a guy like him are supposed to be together without destroying their love . . . or each other.
I really don't know what took me so long to start this series. Maybe it was the boy on the cover, although hot, I usually don't like full model faces on covers cause it warps my image of the character. With that aside, I said to hell with it and started Rule.

At first glance it is your usual opposites attract story. Shaw quietly loved Rule from afar. Rule seemed like your typical dick of a bad boy. Tattoo's, bad attitude, revolving bedroom door, he had it all. But when you add sex into the equation, things get interesting really quickly.

What was great about this was, not only were you made to really invest in Shaw's love for Rule, but also Rule's confusion about his growing feelings for her. Here you have a character that has basically never been in a relationship before and the girl he thought was with his twin, who happens to be dead by the way, is suddenly the focus of his life, heart and lower regions. It was nice to see the progression. Even though Shaw always loved Rule, nothing was instant with them. Attraction, yes, but rainbows and kittens it was not.

Speaking of attraction, holy hell was it hot. It wasn't overwhelming and it wasn't the focal point of the whole book, but it was amazingly placed. Rule was basically the perfect mix of dangerous and sexy. He was someone you should be afraid of but wanted to be around. But honestly, I think my favorite part was that he worked at a tattoo parlor and the world as a whole. I loved Marked and the atmosphere. It was what I like to envision when I think of a tattoo shop. The juxtaposition between the city where a lot of the story took place and the suburbs where Rule and Shaw were from was great too. 

This was just a real down to earth romance with some believable drama. And it really made me want to leave my city and move to Denver. 

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