Sunday, May 1, 2016

March & April Wrap-Ups!

Terribly sorry for the lack of wrap-up last month. So instead of skipping it, I'm just going to put March and April. In reality, they kind of blended together anyway. 

Spring feels like it's still winter. I think I saw someone refer to it as Sprinter. That's what we're living in. At least in the north east. Nothing much happened book wise. But I do have some signings coming up, starting with mother's day weekend, going to see J. Daniels! But I'll go in details about my May outings later! 

On with the stats!

April was a slow month. We ran behind because real life was a bitch and a half, but we read some great books during the time. Also, I found this great twitter chat that happens on Saturday's at 8 pm EST. It's ran by Brittany's Book Rambles. It's totally awesome and I look forward to it every weekend now. 

On to more stats!

We had no discussions, but it's a new month, new opportunities. 

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